Trip to Barboursville Vineyards
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Trip to Barboursville Vineyards

The Barboursville vineyards are cultivated around the boxwood gardens and ruins of the neo-Palladian manor house designed by Thomas Jefferson for Virginia Governor Barbour in 1814. The present vineyards were established in 1976 by the Zonin family who has a long tradition of winemaking in the Veneto region of Italy. The Zonin family at Barboursville became the first vinifera winegrowers in the Monticello Viticultural Area since Thomas Jefferson.
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01. The group in front of the winery 02. With hostess Arianne 03.  Kendra waiting for a test of Cabernet Sauvignon 04. Joe and the Berneros are ready for Pinot Grigio 05. Salute
06. The Novello and Parise 07. Lucio_ Emma_ Maria_ John Verna_ Barbara Mancini_ the D'Onofrios_ Sam and friend 08. The Marchegiani_ Di Tullio and Rosetta Mazziotti 09. The Amatuccis_ Elodia and friends 10. Romeo Sabatini and Co.
11. At the Ruins of Virginia Governor Barbour's mansion

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