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Equipment Suppliers

Below is a list of internet sites selling the equipment needed to make wine at home. You can use various search engines such as Yahoo , Google or Altavista to search the Internet on your own for this kind of information. The information and duplication found may be overwhelming, and to select only the essential could be very time consuming. Therefore I have listed below my results of a limited search on the subject, posting only what appeared to be the more interesting sites, especially those that offer free manuals and articles for download. Our list is not to be taken as an indication of sponsorship of any commercial enterprise, and is solely presented as information for those interested in home winemaking.

List of Barrel Companies
E. C. Kraus Home Wine Making Supply
Presque Isle Wine Cellars
Grape and Granary
Midwest Home brew and Wine Making Supply
Homebrew Heaven's Online Catalog
Fall Bright, The Winemakers Shoppe
WindRiver Brewing Company
Wine and Ale Supply
Wine Art Indy
Beer and winemaking supplier
wine making equipment
Flying Barrel in Frederick, Maryland
Wine Presses from Italy
Old West Homebrew
Oak Wine barrels
The Home Winemaking Page
Yahoo! Shopping- Wine Making Supplies
eBay - Wine Making Supplies

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